Our brands

We have selected the best Japanese skincare brands, which fully represent the true essence of J-beauty-with the focus on high-quality natural ingredients in which the tradition merges with innovation.




The Organic Beauty Secret from Japan.

It is the first organic skincare from Okinawa, the legendary island of longevity....


Slim Cera

The ultimate beauty accessory & anti-aging secret of Japanese women...

Slim Cera is the new way to give yourself an effective facelift.

By using a simple rolling action with the hand held Slim Cera, !

your skin will be revitalized...


Eau de Ki

Immortal beauty: a dream pursued by the humankind since

the down of times..

All women aspire to have an everlasting young skin. Since the

beginning of time, women have been searching for a skincare

product able to achieve it.

Sankodo House shares this dream, and that’s why Eau de Ki

has been relentlessly improved, revised and innovated.

The secret of a beautiful skin is a mystery that Eau de Ki dares

to unveil to you by inviting you to discover a vision of skincare

based on the natural repair capacity of our skin...



WA:IT is a symbiosis of two cultures- Japanese and Italian. A mindful clean beauty culture. 

Sustainable, cruelty free, vegan, clean, luxury botanical beauty products, ingredients rooted in the traditional Japanese medicine.