The Slim Cera uses five rollers to imitate

the motion of a therapist’s hands. Similar to a spa facial, !

the movement from the rollers in the Slim Cera stimulates your facial

muscles, rejuvenating and toning your skin. Your pores are also

cleansed and cleared by the special diamond-cut roller surfaces,

which roll out impurities.

Slim Cera, a unique object and beauty accessory, was created by a lover of rocks and minerals, Mr Hirotoshi Hattori.

As president of a jewellery company, Mr Hattori was in constant contact with stones. Having observed their beneficial effects

and with his growing fascination towards them, Mr Hattori investigated further. He came up with an innovation called the

ceramic ball, which had ‘pillows’.

The feedback was extremely positive. The results of the ceramic ball, which had the ‘pillows/rollers’, were instantaneous.


Effects such as softer, firmer skin as a result the Slim Cera was observed.

The benefits of minerals

Semi-precious stones are not just beautiful, but also carry a vibrational force known as millennia with different grinding stones.

Mr Hirotoshi Hattori created a ceramic version, which contains over 10 different minerals, including tourmaline, thorium ore,

moonstone, quartz, magnetite, zeolite, rutile and more.

All are known for their beneficial effects on the microorganism of the skin. Through their magnetism, they reorganize the

different energy flows circulating in the skin, promoting balance. The Slim Cera device that is hand made in Japan also

contains a pure germanium plate 99.999%. Germanium is a trace mineral found in ginseng, aloe, and garlic. On contact with

the skin, it emits a heat, releasing negative ions thus stimulating blood circulation.


new functions for an optimal wellness Solar Panels with microcurrent Slim Cera Plus has an easy-grip design and it is packed with Germanium plates which help with anti-aging and improves immunity. Its handle tip is designed to reach pressure points easily, and with the help of the micro-current, the handle tip can be used to stimulate various health and beauty pressure points on one’s body.

To maximize the Slim Cera Plus' performance, our craftsmen used solar panels which work perfectly under indoor lighting.

The Slim Cera Plus is capable of generating micro-currents (concentrated at handle tip, the first and forth roller) which

stimulate our skin cells.

In aesthetics, a micro-current is often described as "non-surgical face lifting" due to the dramatic lifting effect that it has

on facial muscles. During treatment, a series of tiny electrical impulses that mirror the body’s natural bioelectrical

field is delivered to stimulate our skin cells.

Cosmetic benefits of micro-current stimulation:-

1. Increases blood and lymph circulation

2. Enhances the penetration of the active ingredients in skincare products

3. Increases the production of collagen and elastin


4. Increases protein synthesis, gluconeogenesis and cell membrane transport

5. Increases mitochondrial activity

Slim Cera Plus has an easy-grip design and it is packed with Germanium plates which help with anti-aging and

improved immunity. Its handle tip is designed to reach pressure points easily and with the help of the micro-current,


the handle tip can be used to stimulate various health and beauty pressure points on our bodies.

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