Like the course of clear and pure water from an inexhaustible source, Eau de Ki infuses your skin with incomparable radiance, a sign of eternal beauty. Ki (qi) means energy, life, a Japanese spiritual approach which designates Ki as the element that dictates every creation of the world.

Eau de Ki brings together in a precious water two fundamental elements considered in Japan as necessary in life : vital energy and water.

A beautiful and healthy skin is the reflection of inner serenit.

Our skin is alive and feels our emotions. Skin is a reflection of youth but also of our physical and mental condition. A young and glowy skin is a healthy skin. Skin acts as a barometer and alerts us when it experiences aggressions.

The passage of time naturally alters the skin’s aspect, but other factors are also responsible for aging :

• the oxidation of cells lacking oxygen

• cutaneous dryness due to the decreasing cells’ water level which

alters the natural process of hydration

• the weakening of cell production function

• UV rays damages

If we know today the causes of aging, it is possible to fight and delay them by taking care of our skin. Eau de Ki helps you restore a radiant and youthful skin by combating the signs of aging.


Eau de Ki Ingredients

Eau de Ki’s secret : the benefits of Asian natural and ancestral ingredients

Eau de Ki contains 8 Asian medicinal ingredients (jujube, ginseng, umbrella polypore, reishi, lili of the valley roots, cnidium rhizome, Chinese peony, mandarin peel) and 4 western aromatic plants (rose water, rosemary, white birch and linden).

A deep knowledge of the natural ingredients and long years of

research in our laboratory allowed Sankodo to harmoniously

combine these ancestral ingredients.

Eau de Ki is slowly concocted according to a traditional

Japanese ritual. For more than six months, the synergy of

oriental and western ingredients is going to infuse in order to

obtain the quintessence of these natural ingredients and unite

their treasures.

Thanks to this nectar, Eau de Ki allows the skin to repair itself

naturally thanks to its own strength, and makes it youthful and


Eau de Ki softly cleanse impurities from the surface of the skin, increases the level of moisture and reduces the signs of ageing.

A significant decrease in the number, length and visibility of wrinkles after 4 weeks of use

Increase of moisture level by 45% after 4 hours of use


Eau de Ki does not have an expiration date, but a date of bottling. The quality of the elixir increases with time.


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