WA:IT is a symbiosis of two cultures – Japanese and Italian, an embodiment of a duality of a beauty, where the perception might differ, but the appreciation and importance are the same. From the Italian side, beauty is about life and warmth;

it blooms and flourishes like all living in the summer. There is this wave of joy that conquers us when we sit by a breathtaking Italian seaside, thinking, reflecting, feeling, and gaining new force to start the creation process.

While when in Japan, we cherish things because they cannot last. Just as in nature, seasons change, something is wakened, and something falls asleep. There is this unexpected pleasure in sitting still in the sacred Japanese temple, waiting, smelling, feeling, and falling in love with the world and everything in it.


We cannot force the season-change. We can only WA:IT and go on another cycle while wandering along with the world that goes on and absorbing all the natural beauty. WA:IT reveals the beauty in a body of soul-soothing fragrance and skincare products that reveal one’s true inner beauty on the outside, by uniting and balancing the inner and the outer being, like Japanese ‘wa’, and by stimulating the sensory perceptions by breathing ‘it’ in.




Wandering and waiting helps to find the new love for the Self, to know the real Self. This process includes knowing one’s limitations and abilities; it includes faith and belief in your Self. Faith honors the stillness of a moment. Much like we find ourselves by getting lost or sitting still, going nowhere isn’t about turning your back on the world; it’s about stepping away now and then so that one can see the world more clearly and understand it more deeply.


Wandering and WA:IT-ing is a labor of universal love towards the beauty of life. The beauty of life is dual as a paradox of stillness and motion. 




The brand name ‘WA:IT’ and logo encapsulates the duality of a meaning – Japanese symbol ‘wa’ that signifies peace and harmony and is a window towards the world and a new way of seeing the beauty of life; and ‘it’ that refers to the Italian love and joy of the beauty of the moment that is attainable.



Breathing is living, and that’s why WA:IT’s first release is a fragrance called ‘HITO’ 

HITO is a perfume that guides, that sails one’s spirit to the new lands.

A fragrance that elevates from one entity to another, from soul to soul.

Life starts with a breath, opening your eyes, sensing, and feeling the surroundings.By observing and perceiving, by connecting our soul with the world through a sense of smell.Everything starts with you. Start by trusting your first sense, the smell,trusting your intuition – your very first feel.