kimé booster


KIMÉ in Japanese indicates a perfectly organized skin texture, indicative of a healthy skin, so we decided to call your custom booster.


“Booster” means something that supports and enhance. In the dermocosmetics field, refers to a revolutionary cosmetic solution, highly-concentrated in active ingredients. It is a new category of treatments that enhance the action done by your daily skin care products.

Combined to your cream or sprayed during the day directly onto the face, maximizes the desired result (anti-age, anti spots, moisturizing, soothing, revitalizing, anti imperfections)

A booster could therefore be considered a truly powerful tool that on one hand “boosts” the performance of your skin care program, on the other hand allows you to create your very own tailor-made blend targeted to the specific needs of the skin, considering the season, environmental factors or personal conditions.


Your tailor-made Kime BOOSTER provides a long-lasting result: its effective action will relieve your skin from imperfections. Stress, impurities, pollution and a scarcely balanced diet negatively affect the natural functions of our skin slowing down the cellular rhythms and triggering the oxidative processes responsible for aging and loss of brightness. A regular use of the booster will restore your skin’s radiance and natural balance



Your customized booster has an immediate effect: you will enjoy the benefits within a few seconds after the application. The formula, enriched with refreshing and rejuvenating ingredients, acts instantly delivering freshness, tone and relief to your face. After a busy day, apply just a spritz of your Kime BOOSTER and you will be ready for a night-out. It is designed to penetrate through your makeup and be applied on-the-go: take it with you and use anytime, anywhere!